Snack Review – Promax Fit n Crisp Bar and Body 360 BodyCrunch Whey Protein Crunchies

Whey Protein Crunchies & Fit n Crisp bars

Whey Protein Crunchies & Fit n Crisp bars

The only thing I love more than thinking about running is thinking about food.  Unfortunately, I enjoy eating a lot more than running and I have the pantry to prove it (“pantry” here meaning “extra weight”).  I also have a ginormous sweet tooth and a tusk of a carb tooth, so I love to find snacks that provide protein (especially in a sweet disguise).  [Note: I didn’t get either of these products for free, nor are the manufacturers compensating me for these reviews, but the links do send you to my Amazon through my Associates Account, where I might get some pennies if you buy stuff.]


My new favorite snack bar is the Promax Fit n Crisp bar in Vanilla Marshmallow flavor.  It’s 140 calories, has 3 grams of fat and 13 grams of protein.  Those are pretty good specs for a snack bar, but it also delivers on the taste.  It’s not quite as good as a real rice krispie treat (c’mon), but it is surprisingly delicious and addictive.  It’s sweet but not too sweet (at least to me), and doesn’t have a bad aftertaste.  It’s a revelation compared to all those dense, chalky, high-protein bars out there.  Downside is price and availability – a box of 12 on Amazon is $17.78 with $6.85 shipping (via Happy Vitamin) but you can probably find it cheaper elsewhere (Google tells me there’s limited availability at the local Vitamin Shoppe stores in NYC).  There’s also a Cinnamon Crisp version I haven’t tried.


After tearing open the BodyCrunch Whey Protein Crunchies (Natural Flavor) and dropping a handful into my mouth (fairly flavorless, crunchy, slightly dry, very little aftertaste), the bag suggested I add the crunchies to yogurt, so I did.  They added a nice crunch without any off-putting flavor, plus they provide a nice pack of protein without a lot of fat or calories (1/2 cup is 125 calories, 1 gram fat, 24 grams protein).  The biggest downside to the crunchies is price – currently a whopping $17.49 on Amazon for the 7.6 oz bag pictured.  Since they’re quite bland and not innately delicious (maybe the cocoa flavored crunchies are better?), and I am not that desperate for protein, I will probably not buy them again unless the price drops considerably.


[Update on the Whey Protein Crunchies – It’s been about 7 months and I’ve only eaten them once since my review – they are just unappealing and flavorless with a pasty, chalky aftertaste that is mild but makes eating yogurt an even more unpleasant experience.  Pass on these and just mix protein powder into whatever you’re eating if you really need to.]

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