Where's the Finish Panda

When bad knees happen to sort-of-good people

I don’t even know what to say about this morning’s run.  It was supposed to be what qualifies as speedwork for me now (6 miles starting at a 10:30 pace and working down to 9:30).  Everything started out great.  I was doing the Central Park loop clockwise, heading down the north hills at mile 2.5 when my left knee started hurting.  Considerably hurting.  I stopped to walk and shake it out a bit, then tried running again.  It still hurt.  So I walked more, cursing all the bad decisions I had made recently – skipping my core workout yesterday, eating too many cookies and chocolates, not getting enough sleep.   I tried running again – still too painful.  I started making grand promises – no more sweets, only cucumbers and air from now on.  Double up on the strength exercises.  No more procrastination.  At the steepest uphill, I tried running again – not so bad.  Actually, not bad at all.

I was careful not to overstride but tried to keep my pace up, constantly monitoring my form and checking if there was any lingering pain.  For the most part, there was no more pain.  A couple of twinges cropped up at mile 5, but I felt so good in the crisp 65 degree weather I kept going, finishing up my 6 miles with a 9:00 pace.

I’m icing my knee now, trying to remember all those promises I made to myself (and reminding myself that 1 pound of weight creates 4 to 5 pounds of force on the knee), but I don’t have any cucumbers, and some chocolate with almonds would really hit the spot right now…

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