Ragnar ADK – Update from the Road

Ragnar ADK Starting line

Ragnar ADK Starting Line

Van 1 of team Breaking Ragnar just finished our first leg(s) and have successfully handed off to Van 2. Some quick thoughts about my first leg and the experience so far –

  • Time is flying – I thought there would be downtime between runners but basically we just race to support the runner and then the next exchange.
  • Everyone is running their legs faster than anticipated because we’re all so excited
  • It’s beautiful up here this time of year
  • Road kill smells really really bad up close
  • Other teams are very friendly and overall it’s been a lot of fun so far
  • It’s a constant battle to keep the van clean/organized
  • Radio stations in upstate NY tend to be all country
  • I thought I’d want a shower by now but baby wipes and changing into clean clothes has made shower dreams distant. But ask me after my second leg.
  • It’s about 50/50 on people who know the show (or rather details about the show) – but those who do seem to love our theme and especially our very brave runner who is running all his legs as Walt White/Heisenberg in tighty-whities, green button down, and glasses

More to come later!


For all my Ragnar ADK coverage, find my on the road posts here and finishing post here, recaps of Leg 1Leg 2, and Leg 3,  my original Ragnar packing list, and my updated Ragnar Packing List.   If you just want a one-page, unannotated Ragnar Packing list in PDF, you can find it here.

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