Revlon Pedi-Expert pedicure tool

Gear Review – Revlon Pedi-Expert pedicure tool

Revlon Pedi-Expert pedicure tool

The Revlon Pedi-Expert – Sorry for the open package, I wasn’t planning on reviewing it but it was so good I had to share

If you are eating lunch, I suggest reading this another time.  If you are squeamish, I suggest never reading this.  If I might ever go on a date with you, stop reading this immediately and let us never speak of it again.


I finally broke down today and bought a Ped Egg (or rather, the more expensive Revlon equivalent of the Ped Egg, since it was the only brand available at my drugstore).  You’re probably familiar with the Ped Egg from the numerous infomercials, but it’s a plastic pod-shaped device with a metal grater on one side which you use it to shave (or rather grate, or plane) down your calluses.  Essentially, it’s a microplane for your feet.  My sister raved about it years ago but I was always a little afraid of trying something so drastic.  But with my ongoing callus problem (which started when I switched to a midfoot/forefoot strike), I finally bit the bullet, bought the Revlon Pedi-Expert (with “bonus” unwanted nail clipper and emery board) and grated my calluses.


I never should have waited so long.  The thing is amazing.  You use it on DRY feet, and just gently rub it back and forth over your thickest calluses, and it grates them away into dust – I always pictured huge chunks of skin coming off, but it’s not like that at all.  It’s more like if you used your kitchen zester on parmesan cheese – tiny, fluffy, white shreds come off, nothing thick or painful.


The metal microplane snaps into the plastic pod which is supposed to catch the shavings, but I found that the little shavings went everywhere, so it’s best to do this in your shower so you can wash away the ick afterwards.  (But again, you use the product on DRY, not wet, skin.)  When I popped the metal part off I was horrified (and a bit delighted) to find a huge pile of shavings inside, so it does catch some but not all of them.  The Revlon Pedi-Expert also comes with a little smoother pad to rub over the areas you shaved to smooth down any little sharp skin bits – it seemed to work ok, and cleaned up well.  I thoroughly washed all the parts with soap and water as directed, and am almost looking forward to building up my calluses so I can use it again.


Online reviews do indicate some people find the Revlon product sharper and superior to the Ped Egg, so it might be worth spending the $12 on Revlon versus the $6 on the Ped Egg.  Plus you do get that clipper and nail file, in case you need them.


Are you totally grossed out yet?  Isn’t this much worse than the “what I wear” post?  Share in the comments – we are learning so much about each other!

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  1. Danilo Torres

    They say that great writers write about things they care about. Or was it that they write about skin shavings? Or maybe both?


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