Day 16 of Holiday Run Streak – Three Times the Run, plus New Backpack!

NYRR headquarters

NYRR HQ, with holiday flair

I did it!  I ran more than a mile today!  It was a balmy mid-30s so I decided to run both to and from NYRR to pick up my race packet for tomorrow.  It was a solid 3-mile roundtrip, which is ridiculously short in grand terms but three times the amount I’ve run for 16 days, so that’s impressive, right?


15k shirt and Hi-Chew candies

The race shirt and the Hi-Chew candies I “earned” with my run today

Since I saved on cab fare by running home, I spent my taxi money on Hi-Chew candies. Extra running and Hi-Chew?  Sign me up every day.  In fact, this makes me think all running should be rewarded in terms of cab fare saved.  Ran 2 miles?  You deserve a small Pinkberry.  Ran a half marathon?  Get yourself a new hat.  Full marathon?  Tech shirt time.  FYI, this game is a lot less fun with subway fare.


Front view of Mountain Hardwear's Fluid 6 backpack

Front view of Mountain Hardwear’s Fluid 6 backpack



The other exciting thing that happened today was that I developed an instant love of my new Mountain Hardwear Fluid 6 backpack (retail price $70, but you can find it on sale around the web).  Now, I didn’t load it up, and I’ve only taken it on one run while wearing a jacket (so it might be less comfortable in a thin t-shirt, but I wouldn’t know yet), but so far signs point to it being awesome gear.  It’s incredibly lightweight (online specs say 9.9 oz) and holds more than just a water reservoir (365 cu in/6 liter total capacity (hence the name), plenty big enough for both a water bladder and a light jacket plus a few random accessories like gloves and your phone).  Note that the backpack does not come with a water reservoir/hydration bladder, so you have to get that separately if you need one.


Fluid 6 backpack open

Inside view of the Fluid 6 – you can see the pocket for the hydration bladder, but there are no other internal pockets.


Today I skipped the hydration bladder and instead threw in a small water bottle (to test bounce), my phone, and my level flip belt (and on the way back, a long-sleeved t-shirt and race bib) – and it wasn’t remotely full with these items.  The bag has a stretchy compression cord on the front to cinch down the load, plus two chest clips to further reduce bounce.  I’ve barely used any of the features yet (like the little pockets on the front straps), but I’m excited to use this as my new go-to hydration backpack when I actually start running more than one mile at a time.  Also, while it doesn’t have its own self-compression pocket, it does compress down into a tiny package (see photo below), so it’ll be easy to take on travels.



MH Fluid 6 strap view

Strap and back view of the Fluid 6 – lots of jazz going on there, including one open and one zippered pocket.


While today was a successful running day, I can’t even believe I have a 15K race tomorrow.  I will have to repeatedly tell myself that I can always stop at any time, especially if I feel knee pain.  I’d like to think the biggest hurdle will be getting out of bed and out the door in the morning, but I fear that it will actually be running the 9 miles in the cold.  Luckily, the snow isn’t supposed to be heavy until the afternoon, at which point I hope to be finished running.

MH Fluid 6 backpack in a baggie

The Fluid 6 compressed into a quart-sized ziplock baggie (water bottle for scale).










Enjoying the 10 degree temperature increase?  Running in the snow tomorrow?  Share in the comments!

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