First Run in Over a Month!

Slush in NYC

That’s all slushy water at that crosswalk. Deep and delicious.

Today I went for my first run in over a month (breaking my “opposite run streak,” as it were).  It was only 2 miles, but it felt ok, so I’m pretty sure my marathon in a little over a week will be no problem.


Ok, not really.  The idea of going to Little Rock and covering 26.2 miles under my own power sounds insane.  After terrible pain after a short run in mid-January, I wanted to take some time off, but I didn’t think it would be this long, and I didn’t think I wouldn’t run a single step during my long trip out west.  I also didn’t think I’d gain even more weight during the cruise… Ok, I thought that was definitely possible, but those 3 extra pounds on top of the 10 extra pounds I’m already carrying do not fit into my marathon plans, much less my pants.


Luckily, I wear tights, not pants, when I run.  When I got back to NYC, I kept waiting for it to warm up enough so I could run outside and not crack my tailbone on black ice, or drown in a river of slush dammed up by mountains of dirty snow.  Today it finally hit 40, and after a rainy morning I headed out to Central Park.  I was about to run the carriage trail to the reservoir when I saw it was still fully covered in slushy white snow.  (I don’t know why I was expecting it to be clear.)  Instead of soaking my feet I ran the short, paved lower loop of the park.  Not surprisingly, it felt like I hadn’t run in over a month.


I still hope to get a longer (at least 6?  maybe 8?  even 10?) mile run/walk in this week before making the final decision on Little Rock, but all signs point to me flying out there and at least attempting to walk it.  The time limit is 6 hours for a normal start, which means I’d have to average 13:43 per mile, which sounds do-able until I realize I’ll be walking the majority of the race, and I can’t walk that fast, especially if I need to stop for any reason.


At any rate, it was nice to be able to run today, even if it was for only 2 miles, and I hope to get back into this whole bizarre running thing again.  And when it’s humid and 95 this summer, I will remember this terrible winter and be even more annoyed at the continuing bad weather.


How’s your training going?  Are you watching the TV show Opposite Worlds?  Did you think I was going to say I’d be ok with horribly hot weather because of the cold winter?  Share in the comments!

2 thoughts on “First Run in Over a Month!

  1. Judy Pollock

    Jenny, I share your distress at not being able to run during the winter from hell- which in, itself, is insane. Upset because I can’t go out and slog around and get out of breath and be sore…? But I am terrified of falling, so I’ve have been hibernating, too. I’m perking up a bit at this warm (35) weather…. People with Good Sense are saying things like be careful on your first outing…don’t expect too much…..take it easy…….I’m guessing these advices are not resonating with you, but do be careful of your knee. It can come back to bite you. As it were. Good luck!

    1. WTFinish Post author

      Thanks, Judy! I’m feeling ok today after my reasonable 2 miles yesterday (although I can tell I did something physical…), which means I’ll be sure to overdo it on my second and third runs. 😉


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