Expectations for the Wisconsin Marathon

Central park cherry blossoms 2015 April

A beautiful day for an ugly run.  (Pretty stranger lady for scale.)

I’m supposed to run the Wisconsin Marathon in 2.5 days, and in typical fashion I’m not ready.  Today I went for my final run before Saturday’s race and it was pretty terrible.  I hope it’ll be further evidence for my good run/bad run theory, but I think it’s just because I’m out of shape.

Wisconsin Marathon outfit and jelly belly coupon from Kenosha website

The only fashion in which I’m ready is my fashion.

I’m still very tired from Ecuador – tired like I’m ready to sleep at any given time of day – and part of me wonders if I’m sick.  Also, the elevation or something really worked my body hard since I’m 4 to 5 pounds lighter than I was when I left (and it’s not just water weight because I’ve been back for 3 days now and hydrating plenty).  I certainly wasn’t dieting – I ate copious amounts of chocolate (and ice cream and potatoes and cheese…) while I was there.  I’m a little worried it was muscle that I lost, and that’s the only weight I don’t have to spare.

Central Park tulips east side April 2015

One more picture of beautiful spring flowers because it’s freaking gorgeous outside and I want to share it.

Thus I expect another slow, partially (greatly?) walked marathon.  My longest training run was 14.5 miles a single time – not quite as bad as my training for Houston, but really lacking overall, partially because of the weather, partially because I was lazy, and partially because my knee pain started flaring up again.  Looking back at the dearth of my Garmin entries makes me question my status as a runner, but also makes me want to improve on my running frequency.


For the race itself, I expect a fairly boring, tedious course.  It loops back over and crosses itself many, many times, meaning I’ll be watching all the fast people and half-marathoners finish while I have another some-teen miles to go.  They don’t allow pace groups and they hint that there is zero on-course entertainment, so I’m strongly considering wearing headphones for the first time in years.  Since the relatively small race (about 850 full, 2000 halfers) isn’t sold out, I’m expecting to be pretty lonely at the back of the pack and might need some tunes for company.


So you might be wondering, “why the heck did you chose this race to begin with?”  Besides needing Wisconsin, and besides the beer and brat they promised at the finish, I wanted to do a race on my birthday, with the idea that running would help chase away the specter of death that haunts any birthday after 21.  I was really hoping for a medal with the day and date, but it looks like it’ll only have the date and I’ll have to rely on my increasingly faulty memory for the day.


Also, let’s not forget the fun that the Kenosha area promises – a Jelly Belly Factory, a Scandinavian bakerymultiple breweries, ice cream and popcorn stores, and outlet shopping!  And if nothing else, I have the Wisconsin Marathon to thank for bringing to my attention the Kenosha visitor’s website with this awesome list of things to do for foodies (they have TWO supper clubs and TWO drive-ins!).  I’ll be sure to pack on those 4-5 pounds I lost somewhere in South America, and treat myself to multiple birthday presents at outlet prices.


Have you ever run the Wisconsin Marathon?  Have you ever visited the “real” Jelly Belly Factory southwest of Sacramento?  How much ice cream and candy can I eat this weekend and justify eating because of my birthday?  Did you register for the Philadelphia Marathon today before the price goes up on Friday?  Share in the comments!

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