Race Recap – Bronx 10-Miler, Sept 27, 2015

Beautiful day for the Bronx 10-Miler.

Such a beautiful day for Bronx 10-Miler, I didn’t even mind the lines at the porta potties.

I ran the Bronx 10-Miler* this morning and if every run were like this, I would love running.  Seriously, this was one of the most enjoyable runs I’ve had in my life.  I think it was a combination of my training (not great, but better than it has been) and the weather (a HUGE factor, as it was cool and not humid), plus an easy course (wide, no congestion, very gentle hills) and nice atmosphere (lots of colorful runners and the DJ at the junction was great).

The Bronx 10-Miler course.

The Bronx 10-Miler course.

One of the cool buildings near the start of the race.

One of the cool buildings near the start of the race (Bronx County Clerk’s office).

The course took us up the Grand Concourse (starting just northeast of Yankee Stadium), around a little park, out and back along Mosholu Parkway, then back down the Grand Concourse to finish where we started.   I thought I’d get a nice tour of the Bronx and maybe I did, but it was indistinguishable from any other place in the city.  There were some cool buildings at the start and along the way, but nothing that stands out in memory.  That’s not to say it was a bad course – it was quite pleasant, actually, and completely closed to traffic, which was nice.  I also actually liked the looping aspect as I got to see the winners streaking to the finish while I was just past mile 2 (and they were at mile 8).  BTW, the top three finishers all averaged sub 5:00 minute miles, and the top 66 finishers all averaged sub 6:00 minute miles.  We have faaaaaast people running NYRR races.


I still got a medal, though!

I still got a medal, though!

I am not one of those fast people.  I was aiming for about 12 minute miles, and ended up averaging 11:30/mile (finishing in 1:55ish), which I might regret in a week (when I have to run double this distance plus 6 more miles), but for today it felt great.  I was able to keep a pretty steady pace, too, again due to the great weather and even course.


I also enjoyed the race because I ran into two of my friends and Ragnar teammates on the course.  They both ran the full Beat the Blerch Marathon in New Jersey yesterday (!!!) so they are insane.  I got to see them a couple times, actually, but didn’t see them finish (they said they were going to run across the finish with takeout food, and I really hope they did).


The shirt and medal - brighter in person!

The shirt and medal – brighter in person!

Closeup of the medal.

Closeup of the medal.

So, overall, I thought it was a very nice race.  Not many spectators, and the only entertainment was that DJ at the junction (miles 3.5, 5.5, & 6.5), but the shirt is great (nice tech shirt in bright green with minimal logos), the medal is nice and unexpected (I’m still used to the old NYRR when few races gave medals), the on-course support was excellent (water and Gatorade at every mile) and the post-race food was tolerable (typical NYRR – dry bagels, apples, mini bags of pretzels, bottles of water, and some random granola bar I didn’t like).  The one weird thing was that the 5K was finishing as the 10-Miler started.  It wasn’t a problem logistically or crowds-wise, but psychologically it was a little tough to see all those runners finished with their race when we hadn’t even started.  But as other fellow 10-Milers noted, their shirts were unisex cotton and I don’t think they got medals, so whatevs.


Also in full disclosure, this was the first gif I saw this morning, so that might have influenced my race experience.  And now I’m sitting here looking at this.  For hours.  While eating.  Hm.  I’m a little nervous about my marathon in a week, since this race went so well, my next might be terrible.  But I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll just get a repeat of this day.


*Yes, I know it’s called the “Bronx 10-Mile” and not “10-Miler” but I think 10-Miler sounds better so that’s what I’m going to call it.


How was your weekend?  Did you run at all?  Have you see the new show Scream Queens?  Share in the comments!

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