Race Recap – NYC Pizza Run, Sept 19, 2015

We ate all of this.

We ate all of this.

Yesterday I finished the NYC Pizza Run and boy are my legs is my jaw tired.  This is the second time running eating my way through this race, and I was pretty confident I would do better than last year when I had a root canal the day before the race!  My strategy this year was (1) don’t break my tooth before the race and (2) go for my long run before the pizza run so I’d be hungry (not that I ever have a problem being hungry).


Well, the best laid plans and all that… No, I didn’t break my tooth, but I did have pain in my foot that was bad enough to make me pull the plug on my long run after only 3 miles.  I had just read an article that said don’t ignore pain below your knee, so I didn’t (and it was the same pain that turned into plantar fasciitis that laid me up all last summer, so I really wanted to be careful).  I went home, showered, switched shoes, and headed to the Lower East Side to run eat some pizza.

Some of the great outfits at NYC Pizza Run 2015.

Just some of the many great outfits at NYC Pizza Run 2015.


The night before the big pizza race I read my recap from last year, and it reminded me of something I’d forgotten – I didn’t actually want to do this race again.  I’m not sure what changed during the year that’s passed, and why I had so utterly forgotten my final thoughts on the 2014 NYC Pizza Run, but I signed up this year for BOTH the Cupcake and the Pizza Run with gusto!  I even signed up despite meeting a new running friend who told me that the Cupcake Run last year was horrific (due to the quantity of cupcakes and icing he had to eat) and that he’d never do “that bs again” (maybe not a direct quote but something he would say).  So, really, not sure what I was thinking.  I mean, neither race could be as bad as this, right?  Ah well, time to run eat!

I call this "Cannibals in Love."

I call this “Cannibals in Love.”


Overall, the race was much like last year’s – run a loop of Tompkins Square Park, eat a slice of pizza, run another loop, eat another slice, another loop, another slice… (pant pant sweat sweat) one more loop and you’re finished!  This year it was hotter (and more humid, and more gross) but the pizza slices were smaller (despite being from the same Pizza by Certé) and much easier to eat with a working mouth.


What's worse than a sweaty selfie?  A sweaty pizza eating selfie tryptic.

What’s worse than a sweaty selfie? A sweaty pizza eating selfie tryptic.

I tried (and probably failed) not to be the creepy solo pizza runner (almost everyone was running with a friend or had friends cheering them on), but everyone was nice and some of the volunteers remembered me from the year before (which is even more embarrassing now that I think of it the next day).  I finished in 30 minutes and 10 seconds (unofficial) which is pretty good for a 5K.  Unfortunately, it was only 2 miles.



Would I do the Pizza Run again?  Maybe.  But it doesn’t matter what I decide right now because whatever crazy running eating whim strikes me in a year is apparently what I’ll end up doing.

After the run eating I strolled NYC and enjoyed the beautiful day.

After the run eating I strolled NYC and enjoyed the beautiful day, and snapped this very NYC pic.


Did you run this weekend?  Did you eat pizza?  Did you do both at the same time?  Share in the comments!

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