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I’m still suffering from my recent injury (posterior tibialis tendonitis, maybe?), so I’ve been not running, which is the only thing worse than actually running.  When I feel like I’m not making progress on my running goals, I tend to make travel plans and lists and records of when I was making progress.  This time, I made a map and updated my 50 States Schedule!


I’ve been messing around with clickable maps since I created this blog two years ago, but I finally ponied up the 10 bucks to create one that can be saved and edited in the future.  You can make your own free clickable map at various sites online (like here and here) or you can pay about $10 to save it for future editing.  Just think, you could make maps to reflect which states you’ve run a race in, eaten candy in, or where you owe people money.  The possibilities are endless!

50 States Marathon Quest

Green = completed, pink = scheduled but not yet run, blue = not scheduled yet!


I’d really like to knock off that cluster of New England states, but a lot of them only have fall races that I’m interested in.  I’m looking forward to all the western and midwestern states since they are large topographically and it’ll feel like I’m making a lot of progress when I knock off one of those (compared to, say, Delaware).


I’ve also condensed my original 8-year plan to run the 50 States into a (possibly absurd) 4.3 year plan (but really I only shaved off 2 years).  Check it out below.  I included my entire marathon history to help you plan your own 50 States.  As you can see, I didn’t run many marathons the first 9 years that I started running, so I condensed those years into a single column.  The more I look at this schedule, the more I think it’s not do-able, since I’ve always had to drop out of marathons due to injury (and here I am again, injured, while I have 3 marathons in the next 3 months scheduled).  But I guess the upside with this schedule-tweaking is even if I know I won’t be able to make it in 2019, I’ll have two years to knock off any straggling states and still hit my original goal of finishing in 2021.

Schedule to Run 50 States updated Nov 2015

You can also see I’m considering doing a Rock n’ Roll-heavy 2017, even though I’ve only heard bad things about their races (I’ve never actually run one – I signed up for Las Vegas a couple years ago but couldn’t do it due to travel).  Competitor Group (the company behind the RnR race series) offers a “tour pass where you can run any 3 races for $219 (equaling $73 race) or unlimited races for $479 (which, if I did 6 races that year, would amount to $80 per race), plus you get special medals for each additional race you run that calendar year.  Since normal prices are around $90 to $110 for their marathons, it’s not a huge savings, but like buffets or data plans, unlimited always sounds better.  I’ve included several alternatives to the RnR races that year, for your benefit and in case I wise up and realize doing an RnR-heavy year is a bad idea.  I’ve also included various other race alternatives that I might need as my schedule changes, injuries don’t heal, or flights get canceled.  As much as I like planning, gotta plan in some flexibility, too!


What do you do when you’re injured, besides not running?  Do you enjoy making schedules?  Which is your favorite state to visit?  Share in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Clickable Map of the States & Updated Schedule

  1. Rebecca

    My podiatrist confirmed that I have tibialis anterior tendonitis today, so your link was helpful. Fortunately, he’s a runner too and he prescribed deep tissue calf massage and cross training for a couple of weeks, then back to training. The problem showed up for me at the end of the Portland marathon and I did Marine Corps anyway but have had to take the last two weeks off. So I’ve also been doing the logical thing and planning next year’s race schedule.
    I’m only up to state #7 and your blog has been a great resource! I did the ET midnight one this year. It was fun but would probably not be as enjoyable without a friend. There are not a ton of runners and it’s a long, long, straight road in the middle of nowhere.
    I did a bunch of the rock & roll half marathons a few years ago, 7 one year and 5 the next plus a few others here and there. I had rnr Arizona on my list for January because the logistics are so easy there – no need to rent a car with the airport, expo, and start line so close together and light rail at the finish. New Orleans is Just as easy logistically and that’s probably the best argument for running their races, especially if you get the cost down to $80/race. If you haven’t done them before the first one or two will probably be ok – the expos aren’t bad, the course support is generally at least as good as a small local race, and they have some bands. After doing the first couple, they feel like they’re all the same. The back half of their marathons can be pretty deserted but I look at them as a supported long run. An expensive supported long run and a new state, anyway. Vegas would be the exception because the party will be the 2nd half of your marathon. I did the half there twice and running down the crowded strip is a huge contrast to a 90 minute bus ride to the middle of nowhere (no cell service) and running from midnight to sunrise.
    I was looking at Oz for next year too – what did you like about it vs the others in Kansas?

    1. WTFinish Post author

      Sorry to hear about your injury – so frustrating, I know. Hope the recovery goes quick and smoothly.

      And thanks for all that helpful info! Good to know about ET – Vegas sounds more fun but there’s a 5 hour cutoff for the full and I’m not at that pace right now. Arizona & New Orleans easy logistics sounds good.

      As for Oz in Kansas – I’ve weirdly had my eye on that one for years. Partially because of the theme (I’m not a huge Wizard of Oz fan but if you have to do Kansas, that seems like a good theme), partially because it’s a Garmin race and that also appeals since I’ve been running with a Garmin for several years now, and partially because I haven’t really looked into other Kansas races! Eisenhower was on my list but it doesn’t get great reviews (plus it’s a double loop). Gobbler Grind & Pilgrim Pacer are both in Nov, which is already too packed. Patriots Run is a 3/4 mile loop (run in memory of 9/11). Prairie Fire Wichita sounds not terrible (in September), but I only just looked into it now. There are a couple of other smaller ones and some on trails, which I’m not ready for yet. So, yeah, Garmin Oz it is!

      Hope to see you out there!

  2. Danilo Torres

    You’ve certainly upped your blog game with this post. I am impressed and almost motivated to go and post in my own blog for the first time in almost 6 months! Almost…

    Hope you get to a point where you are injury-poor for the next four (years)! [Yes, I have mad rap skills].


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