2015 Year in Review (of T-Shirts!)

2015 is almost over, and I’m a little bummed because while I haven’t been a fast runner this year, it’s still been the best year of my life so far.  I finished 6 marathons (more than any year in the past) and got more black race shirts than any year ever.  Yes, there were a few grey, white (ugh!) and colorful shirts in the mix, too, but I’m still going to call 2015 the year of black race shirts, and the best year ever.


January was cold, and snowy, and miserable in NYC, but I escaped for a brief weekend to run the Houston Marathon, and it was great – except for the see-thru white finisher’s shirt.

Houston Marathon 2015 shirt and medals

Sorry, but the Houston Marathon 2015 finisher’s shirt is ugly.



In February it continued to be cold and miserable along the East Coast, but I escaped for a week to Portland, Oregon, where it was warm and sunny and I ran with Mt. Hood in the distance.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a t-shirt.

Mt. Hood viewed from Portland, Oregon.

Mt. Hood viewed from Portland, Oregon.


In March I spent a few days in Antigua before immediately heading to Crater Lake, Oregon, to camp in the snow.  That’s right, I went from this:

Sandy beach in Antigua.

To this:

Camping in the snow at Crater Lake, Oregon.

Camping in the snow at Crater Lake, Oregon.

…in the span of two days.  It was a bit of a shock, but I’m so glad to have done it, and I’d do it again (with a warmer sleeping bag next time).

Because you see sunrises like this...

Because you get to see sunrises like this…

No t-shirts were harmed in the making of those trips.


In April I visited Austin, TX, for the first time and ran around Town Lake.

Austin's Town Lake trail.

Austin’s Town Lake trail.

I also took a multi-sport trip to the interior of Ecuador, where I hiked up a river in the Amazon, rode a horse not far from Cotopaxi, and hiked the rim of Cuicocha Crater Lake (another Crater Lake – this one without snow!).

Cuicocha Crater Lake at almost 12,000 feet elevation.

Cuicocha Crater Lake at almost 12,000 feet elevation.

And I got a free black t-shirt from Pure Life Ecuador!

pure life ecuador

Without even having to run!


In May I knocked another state off my list (and another black race shirt) with the Wisconsin Marathon, then came back to NYC to get yet another black race shirt at the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

The Wisconsin Marathon 2015 tech shirt, free bondi bands, free jelly bean sample, and (purchased) cheese pin.

The Wisconsin Marathon 2015 black tech shirt (plus some other stuff).

A very nice Airbnb employee rushed over to help me hold the shirt down in the wind (so that's his hand).

Another black tech shirt, with additional white spray paint…



In June I traveled to Deadwood, South Dakota, for the Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon‘s black race shirt.  I survived, allowing me to get another black race shirt at the Oakley Mini 10K in Central Park.  Later in the month I ran my first Ragnar Trail and got a nice brown shirt, which is pretty much the same as black.

Race shirt & checked bag (shirt has some logos in white on the back).

Poly tech shirt but it’s so soft – I ended up wearing this a lot.

The race tank - black or grey available.

The race tank – I wore mine once before it hit the donation pile.

The front and back of the shirt and medal.  #BestMedalEver

The front and back of the shirt and medal. This shirt is soft and fantastic.



For the 4th of July I ran the Pound Ridge 5K (with a decidedly un-black cotton race shirt) before heading to Washington state to start my EMT training.

The Pound Ridge 5K race shirt for 2015.

I think this shirt might be made of plaster.



I finished my month of EMT camp in August, earning myself a super cool dark grey (almost like black!) RMI shirt, a lifetime of amazing memories, and some cool views like this.

Worth bursting my lungs for this view (behind the cabins at "EMT Camp").

Worth bursting my lungs for this view (behind the cabins at “EMT Camp”).

Pretty much the coolest shirt I've ever owned.

Pretty much the coolest shirt ever.



I volunteered at the 18-Mile Tune Up (with another grey shirt… black’s cousin) but ran the Bronx 10 Miler (lime green!) and ate my way through the NYC Pizza Run (red, of course).

Front and back of the free volunteer shirt - technical fabric in a woman's cut!

Front and back of the free volunteer shirt – technical fabric in a woman’s cut!

The shirt and medal - brighter in person!

The shirt is even brighter in person.

Pizza Run NYC 2014 shirt bag pizza slice

This photo collage is from 2014 but the shirt is the same every year.


The Twin Cities Marathon offered a white finisher shirt like Houston, and I suffered through greasy cupcakes for the bright blue cotton Cupcake Run shirt, but no regrets on either race.

The see-thru white shirt and finisher medal for 2015.

At least it doesn’t have the ugly blue stitching like Houston’s…

The coveted cupcake shirt and tote from the race.

This shirt is enormous, and a little scratchy, and so very blue.



I earned an all-red outfit for my volunteer gig at the NYC Marathon, and another black race shirt from Philly.

Really nice jacket, unfortunately it's enormous.

Really nice jacket, unfortunately it’s enormous.

Front of the race shirt.

Gotta admit it’s one of the nicer marathon shirts I’ve gotten.



The Rocket City Marathon offered a shirt that really wanted to be black (it’s dark grey) and a chance to see a lot of policemen.

The 2015 Race Shirt (and expo bag swag).

The shirt is fine but the plastic iron-on logo is begging to melt in the washer.

That’s 6 full marathons, one half, one 10-miler, one 10K, one 5K, one trail relay, two food runs, two international trips, and two Crater Lakes visited this year.  And for shirts, that’s 6 black, 3 grey, 2 white, 2 red, and 1 each of brown, green, blue, and yellow.  Yes, that’s 17 free shirts just this year.  Don’t worry, I bought more shirts, too.  (And people wonder why I have a t-shirt storage problem…)


Here’s to many more races, and shirts, and happiness in 2016!


How did your year shape up?  Anything you’d like to change or repeat for next year?  What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?  Share in the comments!

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