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ClassPass & Expectations for Philly

Philadelphia marathon course map 2015

I’m running Philly!  Oh, is this not news?  It’s news to me, since I was on the fence due to my most recent injury (tendonitis).  I’ve been not running for what seems like ages now – my last long run was my last marathon on October 4th!  I finally went out yesterday to test my legs and see if the pain cropped up around 1-2 miles as usual, but it held off, and I had an exceedingly pleasant 6-mile run.  So, I decided to at least try running Philadelphia this weekend!


Of course, my left knee decided to hurt after the run, and I know that I’ll be feeling the pain both during and after the race because my legs are not in condition to run 26, but at this point that’s just part of the game.  If I only ran marathons when I felt 100%, I’d run one marathon every 5 years and die before reaching the 50 States never run a marathon.


As much as I hate to admit it, I think two things really helped me somewhat recover from this injury (or at least not exacerbate the injury into something more serious) – not running and cross-training.  Yes, the dreaded cross-training!  I really don’t enjoy cross-training, as I enjoy being lazy and cross-training eats into my lazy time.  But I was getting pretty depressed about not being able to run, so I bit the bullet and signed up for ClassPass.  (I am not employed or paid by ClassPass in any way, even though it’s about to sound like I am…)


(Cue Stefon from SNL)  New York’s hottest club is ClassPass.  ClassPass is that thing where you can take unlimited gym classes at various participating studios for $130 per month (with tax, in NYC – other cities slightly cheaper).  It has everything – spin, yoga, barre, bootcamp, Zumba, HIIT, rowing, strength-training, open gym time.  You’re limited to three classes per month at any given studio, so if you really like barre at PureBarre and nothing else, ClassPass wouldn’t be for you.  But if you’re interested in trying a variety of different workouts at a variety of studios, it’s great.  They also allow you to go to classes in various cities, so if you travel a lot you can still get your classes in.


There’s mild controversy surrounding ClassPass, mostly because they raised their prices by 25% “without warning,” and some think it’s bad for small studios (in that it supposedly robs their customer base), but as a newcomer to the service I’ve been loving it.  I definitely wouldn’t have signed up for the various classes at the various studios without it (thus helping and not hurting the studios, since I’ve now been exposed to their services), and I’ve definitely been getting some good workouts without running (although they do have some running classes, which I’m dying to try when I feel better).  However, I’ve heard that some of the more popular classes get filled very quickly at popular times (like after work), so if you’re not going at random times like I usually am, you might have more trouble booking.  If you’re interested, I’d say check out what classes are available in your area (which you can do before signing up), and decide whether it would be worth it for you.  Right now, it’s been really great for me, and ultimately I hope it improves my running.

Philadelphia marathon elevation profile 2015

Will I notice all those little jagged bits or not?

So what are my expectations for Philly?  The weather is supposed to be great for running, if not a bit cold (cloudy, in the low 30s to upper 40s), and the course is relatively flat-ish.  I’m loving the 7-hour time cutoff (that’s 16 minutes per mile).  I hope it doesn’t actually take me 7 hours, simply because I don’t want to be on my feet that long, but I’m glad I won’t have any time pressure.  I’ll be aiming for 12:30 – 13 minute miles, taking more walk breaks than usual to rest my undertrained legs (so a 5:30 to 5:45 finish, give or take some minutes).  I expect to be a little cold, to be surprised how many people there are, and to eat a half-decent cheesesteak the day before the race (and maybe another after).


We got our final confirmation emails today, and I have to say that reading that email with all the final details actually made my palms sweaty and my heart race.  I am not immune to race-day nerves, apparently even 6 days before race-day!  But the interesting thing in the email is that they’ll allow runners to make a race-day decision to drop down to the half marathon and still get a finishing time and medal (without penalty or problem).  They don’t allow people registered for the half to run the full, but dropping down is ok.  So, if I do have a major problem on race day, I can always drop down (but don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be pretty upset).


And what am I wearing?  A Rocky-inspired grey running outfit, with red headband & white half gloves, but sans the bulky sweatpants because I just couldn’t last in those.  Here are all the running scenes in Rocky.  I’ve only ever watched the first movie, so this is my take on the running scenes totally out of context – the first is the classic and has a lot of other training in it, the second is a ridiculous long running one where a mob of kids chase him through the streets of Philadelphia, the third must be set in California or something and the ending is hilarious and the best, the fourth is in Russia maybe and he runs up a snowy mountain, the fifth is very short and has one kid in it (his?), and the sixth is where he’s old and has a dog.  I can’t wait for numbers seven through fifteen!


Have you ever visited Philadelphia?  Have you seen all the Rocky movies?  Did you even know there were 6 Rocky movies?  Share in the comments!