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You Spin Me Right Round

There's no bitmoji with a bike, so this duck will have to do.

There’s no bitmoji with a bike, so this duck will have to do.

I went to a spin class today!  It was the first time in 11 weeks that I broke a sweat that wasn’t due to heat or pain.  I’m not doing a full, normal spin class, but my therapist ok’d me to try it if I didn’t do any biking off the seat (aka standing) and generally took it easy.


In the first five minutes I almost cried because I was so happy to be back.  In the next five minutes I almost cried because I was so out of shape.  In the final five minutes I almost cried because my butt hurt so much from being on a bike seat without a break for 45 minutes.  But I made it!  After class I was so hungry I ate ALL THE THINGS, but my ankle seems no worse for wear (yet…).   So while I still can’t run yet, and can’t row because my ankle doesn’t have enough flexibility to get close enough to the catch to do a proper stroke (think deep squat), I’m happy to be able to have this one small thing back in my life.  And while I still hate 2016, it will eventually be over, and I’ll be able to rail against some fresh new injury in 2017.


How’s your summer running going?  Do you cross-train in a gym to escape the heat?  Have you ever binge-watched Girls on HBO and wondered how you could have possibly watched so many seasons in a day?  Share in the comments!

Where's the Finish Panda

Training page updated with resources

Wanted to let you all know that I updated my “Training” page with a lot more information, including a long list of free marathon training programs available online, ready and waiting for your next marathon adventure.


I also uploaded two PDFs I made – one of a running log you can use to keep track of your training, and another one-sheet of my interval training exercises (modified and expanded from the recent NY Times article citing research indicating that these simple body-weight exercises can improve cardiovascular fitness as much as longer bouts of steady-state exercise).  It’s the only at-home workout that I’ve actually stuck to, since (1) it doesn’t require setting up a video, remembering complicated exercises, or using any equipment, (2) it’s very quick (even when I throw in a couple extra exercises from the “additional” section it only takes me about 22 minutes to go through the entire cycle twice), and (3) it’s a legitimately good workout (I’m literally dripping sweat by the end – definitely do the exercises on a towel if you’re like me!).


To try to stay organized, I use a binder to hold photocopies of the running log (52 copies, one for each week of the year), and use the clear pocket on the cover of the binder to hold the list of interval training exercises so I can reference it with sweaty hands.  There are lots of free apps available to help you keep track of your intervals.  I use “Interval Timer – Timing for HIIT Training and Workouts” that’s free (with ads) for iPhones.  It can be set to sound a bell every 30 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, etc. so you don’t have to look at a clock or your watch.


I hope these resources help you get to the starting (and finish!) line of your next marathon!


In case you had me confused with someone else, I’m not a certified trainer or fitness professional.  Please consult a doctor before beginning any exercise plan.