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Run & Chug NYC Fun Run mascot

Run & Chug

Run & Chug NYC Fun Run mascot

The Run & Chug mascot – and yet somehow I was intimidated by this group.

After over a year of lurking, last night I finally went to my first “Run & Chug” meetup.  Hosted by NYC Fun Run, a meetup.com group for runners, Run & Chug happens every Wednesday at a different bar in the city.  Runners meet at the bar, go for a run along a pre-marked route (although you don’t have to run the exact route, all of the route, or run at all), then meet back at the bar for drinking and socializing while sweaty.


I’ve made a lot of excuses for never meeting up with this group, usually related to my injuries but also because of the hassle of actually going to the meetup location (instead of just walking out the door and into the park), and because of my fear that the other runners would make me feel slow and fat and lame.  Luckily, there was zero judgment about pace or distance or anything related to running and everyone was very welcoming.  There were runners who were super serious and fast, others who had just started running, and even some who didn’t run at all that night and just came for a drink.


Overall, it was a beautiful night, I had a surprisingly good run along the river, and I met a bunch of great people.  The bar even had grapefruit beer, of which I’ve been obsessed with since having it for the first time at Hessen Haus in Des Moines, Iowa, this summer.  The can of beer (UFO Big Squeeze Shandy) wasn’t quite as good as the draft at Hessen Haus (Stiegl Radler Grapefruit), but it was still damn delightful.  I’ll be going to next Wednesday’s Run & Chug and crossing my fingers that that bar will have a grapefruit beer as well.


In injury news, my plantar fasciitis flared up a bit last night, but it seems ok today, and I’ll be sure to baby my foot until Saturday’s Pizza Run.  How excited am I for the Pizza Run?  Way too excited.  Irrationally excited.  Pizza excited.


Have you ever gone to other meetup.com group meetings?  Have you ever had grapefruit beer?  Do you think pizza and grapefruit beer would go well together?  Share in the comments!