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Medal Unveiling – Garmin Marathon

The Garmin Marathon in the Land of Oz just revealed its marathon medal for this year!

Garmin Marathon medal unveiling 2016

Oh wow, that is so cool!  A hot air balloon?!   How fun and festive and interesting and pretty and…

Garmin marathon 10K medal 2016

Oh wait…  That’s for the 10K.  The full marathon gets this:

Garmin half marathon medal 2016

Ok, well, that’s a little girly, but I guess it’s still kinda pretty and at least she’s a good… wait, what?  Sorry, no, that’s for the half.  The full marathon gets this:

Garmin marathon full medal 2016

Um.  Ok.  See you in April.


Do you watch medal unveilings or do you like to be surprised?  Do you care more about the medal or the shirt?  Do you think there’s a creepy medal theme going for 2016?  Share in the comments!