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Jackrabbit’s Free Pizza Run

All this, just for running 3.3 miles!

All this, just for running 3.3 miles!

I said I was serious about training this fall, and that apparently extends to training for my upcoming NYC Pizza Run this Saturday, as I went to Jackrabbit’s 2nd ever free pizza run tonight.


Every Tuesday at 6:30 pm, Jackrabbit (a running store on 72nd Street between Broadway and Columbus) is sponsoring a fun group run (3-4 miles) followed by free pizza.  Last week was their first pizza run, and two people showed up (not including me, since I didn’t know about it yet).  This week there were seven of us plus the pacer.  They said they’d like to grow the event so if you’d like to run and/or like free pizza, c’mon out!


We gathered in front of the store and one woman asked what pace we were going to do.  The Jackrabbit employee/pacer said “easy.”  “What does ‘easy’ mean?” asked the woman.  “9 minute? 10 minute?” and he said “yeah, about that.”  That’s when I knew I would not be running with the group.  Since I know Central Park like the back of my hand,  I just assumed I’d fall back and meet up at the store after the run.

Sorry this is so blurry, but I took it while running (haha).

Sorry this is so blurry, but I took it while running (haha).  Central Park was PACKED tonight.

As luck would have it, there was another woman who was my pace as well, so we dropped back together and chatted.  The main group ran into us as we were on the transverse heading back to the west side and semi-shamed us into doing another loop.  They said they’d go slower but we fell behind immediately and again I assumed we’d just see them at the store.  But lo and behold they were there waiting for us at the entrance to the park.  I’m not sure what they did while they were waiting (I suggested sprints and/or burpees) or if they were annoyed they had to wait for us, but everyone seemed friendly and happy enough.  Note the free pizza was moments away.


Back at the store the pizza was all laid out with plates and soda.  I wasn’t hungry but since I’m in training I dutifully ate a slice.  It was pretty good, but the best part was it was free, and it had gotten me off my couch and into Central Park, so it was a win-win-win.  Win.


How do you like your pizza?  Are you training for anything?  Is there a Halloween Candy Run I could possibly train for?  Share in the comments!