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Expectations for the MS Blues Marathon

The Mississippi Blues Marathon Route (courtesy MSBluesMarathon.com)

The Mississippi Blues Marathon Route (courtesy MSBluesMarathon.com)

Despite having run 3 marathons in the past 3 months, I’m pretty relaxed about this 4th marathon in as many months, mostly because the time cutoff is 7 hours, which means I can walk a lot.


However, in writing this post I discovered a note to myself saying the marathon is “hilly!” so my anxiety about this race just ticked up a bit, and my expectations of walking ticked up a lot.  I’ve also only run three (3!!!) times in the last month, the longest being 6 miles.  Definitely hoping to coast on my prior marathons and it won’t be pretty…


Speaking of not pretty, I was really excited for the medal, which has always been a super cool huge guitar, sometimes with a swinging pick, but they unveiled the design for this year, and I am disappoint.

Ugh, and the shirt is white.  :P

Ugh, and the shirt is white. 😛

I mean, seriously, look how amazing the medals are from prior years, and compare it to this year’s.

So cool and huge!

So cool and huge and sparkly!

I don’t want some dude playing my guitar, even if it is BB King.  And it’s not even BB King, it’s his legless torso with a pained, ghostly rictus.  It’s a weird, ugly medal that will grimace at me until I replace it with another Mississippi marathon medal (which will be never).  (I originally said “stare” at me, but his eyes are closed in sad resignation at this unappealing homage.)

I mean *really*

I mean *really*

Despite gas being only $1.90 a gallon (!!!) in downtown Jackson, I’m skipping the rental car since the hotel, expo, start, and finish are all within a few blocks of each other (and the rental car, with taxes, fees, and parking, will end up costing about as much as a taxi to and from the airport, but with a taxi I won’t have to worry about driving, navigating, or refueling before the return).


Forecast varies with a 30 to 80% chance of thunderstorms, so that’s not great, but temps will be in the 50s to mid 60s, which is ok.  I’ll be doing my anti-rain dance on Friday as I eat the first of potentially many fried chicken sandwiches, as there’s a Chick-fil-A directly across from the hotel.  Since I didn’t grow up eating Chick-fil-A and we only recently got a single location in NYC, it’s a “novelty” fast food restaurant for me, and thus anything eaten there doesn’t count.


Have you ever run the Mississippi Blues Marathon?  Do you hate this year’s medal?  Do you love Chick-fil-A?  Share in the comments!