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Expectations for the Louisiana HALF Marathon

This was the Hudson River a couple days ago. Brrr!

Long time no see!  I wish I could say that since my last post I’ve been busy running and getting super fit and being showered with puppies and lottery winnings, but alas, I’ve just been lazy and eating a lot of holiday candy.  As the weeks since the NYC Marathon ticked by I thought to myself, “well, it’s not like I haven’t run many a marathon undertrained…” and then “wow, this will be the least I’ve ever run in the 2.5 months before a marathon…” and then “oh god what am I doing?”  But then I got sick after Christmas, and when the congestion wasn’t letting up, I finally realized I had a marathon problem.


On advice from my cute PT, and because I’m not totally crazy, I’ve dropped down to the half marathon for this weekend.  Why not just skip this race entirely if I’m not going to be able to cross off a state? Because I did that sooooo much back in 2016 after I broke my ankle that it pained me to think I’d have to start 2018 the same way.


So while it will be a bit of a hassle to get to Baton Rouge (super early morning train to Newark, flight to ATL, then flight to BTR), and the whole weekend will cost more than it should (since I’m staying for 3 whole nights because I’m doing the “Deja Vu” double race – 5K on Saturday and Half on Sunday), I decided it was still worth going for my psyche, and to get in a couple of nice outdoor runs after we’ve had such bitterly cold temps in NYC, and because I’m always jealous of the half marathoners finishing so early that I think I’ll enjoy being one of them, especially since the race bib comes with six (6!!) servings of food and/or beer and I’d love the time and energy to enjoy those things.  Five beers and one food, please!*


So, even though the forecast for the weekend says it will be about the same weather in Baton Rouge as New York City, I’m surprisingly looking forward to the trip – maybe even more so because I don’t have to run a full 26 miles.  Granted, 13 miles will still be quite a challenge in my current state of fitness, especially if I decide at the last minute to go all out for the costume contest (ack, why didn’t I realize there was a serious costume contest before today!  is there any possible way I could win??).  I’m also really looking forward to the amazing medals (bottle openers AND spinners?!?!) and the silly crawfish tray award, which I assure you will be piled with lots of foodstuffs but almost certainly not crawfish.


Have you ever dropped down a distance for a race?  Did you run during the extremely cold temps?  What was the best thing you ate over the holidays?  Share in the comments!


*This is decidedly not the breakdown I will be doing.