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Manhattan Half Cancelled & Brooklyn Half Sold Out

I actually do like this more than a t-shirt.

I actually do like this more than a t-shirt.

As you might know (even if you don’t live on the East Coast), there was a bit of a snowstorm in NYC last weekend.  While the initial forecast called for 8 to 12 inches, Central Park ended up getting 26.8 inches of snow in a single day.  Surprisingly, NYRR had the foresight to cancel the Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon on the Friday before the race (making me wonder if NYRR hired its own meteorologists after the Sandy disaster).


I had already picked up my race number and hat (pictured above), but NYRR is also offering the medal to any registrant who wants it.  My question to you is:  should I go get the medal?  I have one more day to decide whether to pick it up or not.  I did not go for a run over the snowy weekend, and I’ve only run 3 miles all week.  If I did go get the medal, what should I do to “earn” it?  Or is it even possible to earn a medal for a race that was canceled?


In other news, the Brooklyn Half Marathon went on sale today at noon and was sold out by 1 pm.  My second question to you is:  do you think NYRR is going to turn the Brooklyn Half into a lottery race (like they have with the Marathon and the NYC Half Marathon)?  Or do you think the recent lawsuit will give them pause (and some of our money back)?


Finally, in obligatory runner news – the bandit dog that placed 7th in a half marathon.  I still couldn’t finish 7th even with an extra pair of legs.


Did you pick up your Manhattan Half medal?  Did you register for the Brooklyn Half?  Do you personally spell “canceled” with one “l” or two?  Share in the comments!