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Seal statues along East River downtown NYC

Beer Before Liquor, Never Quicker?

Sea lion statues along East River downtown NYC

Some sea lions I saw on my last Run & Chug outing. I think even the guy on the left was faster than me that night.

I haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t been running very much and because I’ve been busy with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – where you turn off your inner editor and write 50,000 words of some of the worst fiction on the planet).  I’ve also kinda been feeling down about running because the few runs I have done over the past month or so have been plagued with knee pain – nothing serious, just that standard low-grade pain that is as familiar as the back of my hand.


I know running has its ups and downs (and hills and repeats and more ups and more downs) and that it’s not a sprint, it’s a literal marathon, and that I’ll be fine.  But I’m also looking for any motivation I can get, so I’ve been trying to commit going to Run & Chug on Wednesdays more often (where even if I have a terrible run, I can drink beer and complain about it afterwards), and I’ve signed up for the Ugly Sweater Run (check for runs in your area – it’s nationwide!), as it combines everything I love about running (dressing up, being social, getting a fun souvenir, chocolate in some form, and beer).  If it offered medals and pizza, I might marry it.


So even though the Houston Marathon is only a terrifying 9 weeks away, and my “long” run at this point is only 6 miles (instead of the 16 according to my schedule), apparently I’m going to focus on short, social running events featuring beer.  There’s no way this could end badly.


Can you believe there are only 3 episodes left of The Walking Dead?  Unrelated to that, why isn’t Patrick Wilson a bigger star?  Are you participating in any Turkey Trots or other holiday runs?  Share in the comments!

Where's the Finish Panda

Keep going!

I feel like I’ve been a bit of a Debbie Downer recently, so I wanted to share some encouragement I heard on my short run today.  I was shuffling around the reservoir when I heard a guy behind me say, “keep going!  keep going!  keep going!”  I turned my head to see an adult with a high-school-aged kid.  The duo breezed past me and quickly started up the hill.  “Keep going!  That’s it!  Keep going!” said the older guy to the kid.  “Keep going!  Keep going!” he kept encouraging.  “Keep going!” I echoed in my head.  “Keep going!” he shouted again.


“Keep going!” is basically all it took.  The kid charged up the hill and his coach at the top ticked off his stopwatch.  They exchanged high-fives and the guy who was shouting “keep going” kept going.  In fact, he continued on until I lost him in the south of the park, while the kid and the coach stayed at the reservoir.  I assume Mr. Keep Going was another coach, but part of me likes to think he was just some random guy cheering for this kid.  Either way, I really liked his simple encouragement.


“Keep going” applies to all of us, fast or slow, young or old.  It’s a privilege and a struggle to keep going, but that’s all running is.  As long as you keep going, you’ll find the finish.  Even when I feel like I’m not making any progress (in my training, in my speed), if I keep going, eventually I’ll reach a point I wouldn’t have if I stopped.  I’m going to need a lot of “keep going” for the 18-miler on Sunday, and for my other upcoming races.  Luckily, “keep going” is free.

Where's the Finish peeking at StrideBox September 2013

My StrideBox arrived!

Where's the Finish peeking at StrideBox September 2013

A peek inside September’s StrideBox.

My StrideBox arrived last night and I was so excited I had to share the contents with you.  I haven’t tried anything yet, but when I do I’ll detail it in another post.


On an unrelated note, I achieved a minor miracle by completing my scheduled mileage for the week (24 miles), although 23 of those miles were painful and slow and overall pretty terrible, despite the amazingly perfect weather we’ve been having.  The one good mile was my last mile today, and that was only because it was downhill and I knew it was my last mile this week.  In six days I have the 18-mile “tune up” run in Central Park (3 full loops), and I’m already dreading it.  My 12-mile LSR on Friday was such a slog for no good reason, and I’m wondering why my body has been feeling so sluggish the past couple weeks.  My overall running motivation is pretty low right now, but I hope getting back to a normal non-tennis schedule next week will put me right again.  Till then, I have a lot of StrideBox goodies to try…


Do you subscribe to StrideBox?  What do you do when you face waning motivation?  Share in the comments!