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I’m still here!

We're still toeing the line between winter and spring here in the Northeast.

It’s been so long since my last post, I don’t even know what season it is.

It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve written a post, and there are a couple of reasons for that:

  1. The weather sucked.  For months, it sucked.  It’s finally beautiful outside, so this is no longer a viable reason to not post.
  2. I haven’t been running much.  I don’t know if you’ve heard, but we had a really sucky winter in NYC.  I was going to post about how crummy it was to run in the cold and the snow, and how the ice on the sidewalks and streets was even preventing me from running, but then I kinda just didn’t run and then didn’t post about it and time passed and snow melted and I still didn’t run much.
  3. I’ve been lazy.  Not just on the running, which is a constant struggle, but on my writing, too.  No excuse for that, other than it’s a lot easier to write blog posts in my head and then not actually write them.  But I have been thinking about it!  Does that count?  [No.  No, it does not count.]
  4. I’ve been traveling, but not specifically for running.  In February I spent a week in Portland with my mom (where I ran twice!), then spent spring break with my family in the Caribbean (where I ran twice!), then spent 5 days snow camping at Crater Lake (where I awkwardly snowshoed more than twice!).  I should have posted something about all those trips, but I didn’t, and time passed, and here we are at Easter.
  5. The more time passed, the harder it was to post anything.  Not only did it become a habit not to post, but it also put increasing pressure on the next post I had to write.  As you see, I’ve attempted to reduce that pressure by writing this stupid, crappy post.  This is a strategy I often use to get my butt out the door for a run, especially if it’s a “long” run – I have to dial it back and promise myself fewer miles and/or more walk breaks, otherwise I end up procrastinating so long the day is over.  So instead of finishing an overdue gear review or one of the many candy review posts I have piling up, I’m posting about not posting.  Problem solved!

All this to say, I’m still here and I’ve been thinking about you, especially when I’m running or not running.  I’ll try not to let two solid months go by without a post again!


What are some of your Easter traditions?  What did you think of The Walking Dead season finale?  What’s your favorite Easter candy?  Share in the comments!