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Race Recap – NYC Pizza Run, Sept 19, 2015

We ate all of this.

We ate all of this.

Yesterday I finished the NYC Pizza Run and boy are my legs is my jaw tired.  This is the second time running eating my way through this race, and I was pretty confident I would do better than last year when I had a root canal the day before the race!  My strategy this year was (1) don’t break my tooth before the race and (2) go for my long run before the pizza run so I’d be hungry (not that I ever have a problem being hungry).


Well, the best laid plans and all that… No, I didn’t break my tooth, but I did have pain in my foot that was bad enough to make me pull the plug on my long run after only 3 miles.  I had just read an article that said don’t ignore pain below your knee, so I didn’t (and it was the same pain that turned into plantar fasciitis that laid me up all last summer, so I really wanted to be careful).  I went home, showered, switched shoes, and headed to the Lower East Side to run eat some pizza.

Some of the great outfits at NYC Pizza Run 2015.

Just some of the many great outfits at NYC Pizza Run 2015.


The night before the big pizza race I read my recap from last year, and it reminded me of something I’d forgotten – I didn’t actually want to do this race again.  I’m not sure what changed during the year that’s passed, and why I had so utterly forgotten my final thoughts on the 2014 NYC Pizza Run, but I signed up this year for BOTH the Cupcake and the Pizza Run with gusto!  I even signed up despite meeting a new running friend who told me that the Cupcake Run last year was horrific (due to the quantity of cupcakes and icing he had to eat) and that he’d never do “that bs again” (maybe not a direct quote but something he would say).  So, really, not sure what I was thinking.  I mean, neither race could be as bad as this, right?  Ah well, time to run eat!

I call this "Cannibals in Love."

I call this “Cannibals in Love.”


Overall, the race was much like last year’s – run a loop of Tompkins Square Park, eat a slice of pizza, run another loop, eat another slice, another loop, another slice… (pant pant sweat sweat) one more loop and you’re finished!  This year it was hotter (and more humid, and more gross) but the pizza slices were smaller (despite being from the same Pizza by Certé) and much easier to eat with a working mouth.


What's worse than a sweaty selfie?  A sweaty pizza eating selfie tryptic.

What’s worse than a sweaty selfie? A sweaty pizza eating selfie tryptic.

I tried (and probably failed) not to be the creepy solo pizza runner (almost everyone was running with a friend or had friends cheering them on), but everyone was nice and some of the volunteers remembered me from the year before (which is even more embarrassing now that I think of it the next day).  I finished in 30 minutes and 10 seconds (unofficial) which is pretty good for a 5K.  Unfortunately, it was only 2 miles.



Would I do the Pizza Run again?  Maybe.  But it doesn’t matter what I decide right now because whatever crazy running eating whim strikes me in a year is apparently what I’ll end up doing.

After the run eating I strolled NYC and enjoyed the beautiful day.

After the run eating I strolled NYC and enjoyed the beautiful day, and snapped this very NYC pic.


Did you run this weekend?  Did you eat pizza?  Did you do both at the same time?  Share in the comments!

Jackrabbit’s Free Pizza Run

All this, just for running 3.3 miles!

All this, just for running 3.3 miles!

I said I was serious about training this fall, and that apparently extends to training for my upcoming NYC Pizza Run this Saturday, as I went to Jackrabbit’s 2nd ever free pizza run tonight.


Every Tuesday at 6:30 pm, Jackrabbit (a running store on 72nd Street between Broadway and Columbus) is sponsoring a fun group run (3-4 miles) followed by free pizza.  Last week was their first pizza run, and two people showed up (not including me, since I didn’t know about it yet).  This week there were seven of us plus the pacer.  They said they’d like to grow the event so if you’d like to run and/or like free pizza, c’mon out!


We gathered in front of the store and one woman asked what pace we were going to do.  The Jackrabbit employee/pacer said “easy.”  “What does ‘easy’ mean?” asked the woman.  “9 minute? 10 minute?” and he said “yeah, about that.”  That’s when I knew I would not be running with the group.  Since I know Central Park like the back of my hand,  I just assumed I’d fall back and meet up at the store after the run.

Sorry this is so blurry, but I took it while running (haha).

Sorry this is so blurry, but I took it while running (haha).  Central Park was PACKED tonight.

As luck would have it, there was another woman who was my pace as well, so we dropped back together and chatted.  The main group ran into us as we were on the transverse heading back to the west side and semi-shamed us into doing another loop.  They said they’d go slower but we fell behind immediately and again I assumed we’d just see them at the store.  But lo and behold they were there waiting for us at the entrance to the park.  I’m not sure what they did while they were waiting (I suggested sprints and/or burpees) or if they were annoyed they had to wait for us, but everyone seemed friendly and happy enough.  Note the free pizza was moments away.


Back at the store the pizza was all laid out with plates and soda.  I wasn’t hungry but since I’m in training I dutifully ate a slice.  It was pretty good, but the best part was it was free, and it had gotten me off my couch and into Central Park, so it was a win-win-win.  Win.


How do you like your pizza?  Are you training for anything?  Is there a Halloween Candy Run I could possibly train for?  Share in the comments!

Pizza Run 2014 costumes tattoo start

Race Recap – NYC Pizza Run, Sept 13, 2014

Pizza Run 2014 costumes tattoo start

Some of the costumes from the Pizza Run, plus a view of the start of the race and the free tattoos they distributed. Circle pizza guy was a very fast eater. Cool Hand Luke pizza shirt guy was one of the final four with me.

It’s a simple concept – run 4 laps around a park and after each lap eat a slice of pizza, for a total of 2 miles and 3 slices of pizza.  Most of you reading this blog have run more than 2 miles, let alone 2 miles with a lot of breaks.  And we’ve all eaten pizza, probably even more than 3 slices at a time, with great ease.  But you really can’t know what the Pizza Run is like without doing the Pizza Run, because once they blow the whistle for the start, you get swept up into a race frenzy, and for the first time in your life you try to eat thick, doughy, bready pizza as fast as you possibly can, and you realize you had such hubris about your ability to eat, and you are ultimately taken down several pegs by pizza and several dozen runners dressed as such.


It was a cool, overcast morning with threats of showers (that luckily held off until the afternoon).  There were about 100 runners and a decent amount of volunteers plus friends and family there to watch the debacle.  More than half of the runners had pizza-themed shirts or costumes, but there were a surprising number wearing race shirts (including the Brooklyn Half, Ragnar, and Ironman, to name a few).  One guy I spoke with came from Pennsylvania, but most seemed local.  Local news channel Pix 11 was there interviewing runners and many people were taking pics for fun.


The race started a few minutes after 11:00 am, and the most uncomfortable part about the race, besides the choking down of pizza, was that the course around the park wasn’t closed and happened to have a food distribution line down half of it.   The race director told us to please respect the homeless and a lady yelled out that she wasn’t homeless, she had keys-to-an-apartment-thank-you-very-much, and it was uncomfortable and strange and then we started running.  (A portion of the proceeds from the race go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and I’m not sure if there was leftover pizza that got passed out or not.)


The running portion was easy, despite having to weave and dodge on the open course.  I heard some people say this would be the most they’ve ever run in their life, and one person admonish her friend that they “had to run at least one lap.”  The eating part, however, was tough.  Very tough.  Pizza crust tough.


Pizza Run NYC 2014 shirt bag pizza slice

Me eating my second slice and showing you just how thick the slice got near the end. Also shots of the shirt, bag, and back of the shirt (cropped due to formatting).

Why did I have such a hard time?  Mostly because of my mouth injury.  Taking the first bite of delicious pizza gave me a quick, painful reminder to only chew on the left side of my mouth and to never fully close my teeth, which led to swallowing a lot of partially chewed pizza.   I was also a slow eater because I was attempting to enjoy the pizza and the experience, which involved laughing at those who were cramming pizza into their mouths as fast as possible, chatting with other runners, and even posing for a few pictures so I could show you just how bready this pizza was (it was delicious but involved a lot of bread, especially around the edges).  Finally, I was a slow eater because I did not cheat.  If there is no honor in a Pizza Run, there is no honor in this world.  (Spoiler alert:  There is no honor in this world.)


The rule was you didn’t have to finish eating the slice before starting the next lap, but the entire slice had to be inside your mouth.  There were many cheaters, from people who simply walked off with their slices, to those who threw away parts of their slices, to those who even spit out pizza along the route.  I always made sure all of my pizza was inside my mouth before starting the lap, which meant I had a dough ball in my cheek for most of the race.  On my final lap around the park, I stopped by one of the volunteers and wailed, “There’s never a time I’m not eating!”  I was also sweating a lot despite the cool temps, and was never sure if it was from the running or the eating.


Pizza Run Where's the Finish 2014 NYC

Little confusing finish area where you stood in line to get your bag, shirt, & beer coupon.  Special thanks to Danilo for the pics, race support, and post-race company!

The Pizza Run was more of a workout for my jaw than I ever anticipated, and my recent injury truly hampered me.  I was one of the last four people still eating pizza (!) which was just astonishing since I felt like I was eating as fast as I could.  If I were in pizza-eating shape, I think I would do a lot better, but I’m also not sure if I want to do this race again.  I enjoyed the race itself and the beer at the afterparty, but mostly because my friend Danilo delightfully showed up to cheer me on (and/or watch me upchuck).  If friends or family wanted to join me for the race next year, I would definitely do it again, but I wouldn’t want to run it alone.  I had limited desire to do the Cupcake Run until I realized cupcakes would be a lot easier to chew than pizza, and now I’m kinda interested (but will have to wait until 2015 since I’m out of town that weekend).  Basically, after this dismal showing, I’m even more interested in eating-and-running races to improve my technique and to try to develop unhealthy food aversions (the thought of eating pizza now makes my jaw ache, and I’d love to be adverse to chocolate and ice cream, if anyone has that race…).

[Ed – I finished this race in 31:48 – the top male finisher was 14:26 and top female was 15:42, times I couldn’t achieve even if I didn’t have to eat pizza.]


What do you like on your pizza?  Did you notice my panda-eating-pizza shirt!?!  Are you ready to start training for Pizza Run 2015?  Share in the comments!

Marshmallow teeth tooth apple treats

What time is it? Tooth hurty.

Marshmallow teeth tooth apple treats

Do these horrify you as much as they do me?

Oh, the irony, it almost kills.  Last night while eating an apple, I cracked my tooth.  This morning I had my first (but probably not last) root canal, and I need to get a crown asap.  In the meantime, the tooth-doctor said not to eat any crunchy foods (no nuts, no carrots, no crunchy salads even), stick to soft foods (rice, eggs, pasta), and to chew on the good side of my mouth as much as possible (although she said it’s surprisingly difficult).  Drinking Nutella straight from the jar is a-ok!


Then I was the weirdo patient and asked if I could eat pizza while running tomorrow.  To her credit she took my question seriously (almost too seriously), and gave me the ok to eat pizza tomorrow but not to attempt it “competitively.”  (I felt like I became a “crazy patient” story with this question, and that maybe she only took it deadly seriously to make me feel even crazier.)


So, on the eve of the Pizza Run, I am mouth injured.  MOUTH INJURED.  I never thought it could happen to me.  If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s eating, and if there’s another thing I’m good at, it’s injuring myself, but I never thought I was better at injuring myself than eating.  But I will soldier through this like the patriot I am, and I will eat that pizza (not competitively), and I will finish those two miles and three slices, even if I have to run on one foot and chew on one side of my mouth!


As for those marshmallow peanut butter apple treats pictured above, basically I was looking for a picture of a tooth to include for the post, then I found this “recipe,” and since it’s almost Halloween I thought I’d share it instead of boring clipart of a tooth.  You’re supposed to use mini-marshmallows but I didn’t have those, and red apples for the “lips,” but I didn’t have those either, so my version is even more horrific than it’s supposed to be.  Plus it reminds me of the devil that cracked my tooth in the first place, so it’s horrifyingly full circle.


This cracked tooth thing is totally a true story, even though it sounds like I made it up to cover any eating inadequacies.  The further truth is I had no eating inadequacies until this very moment, but I still would have finished back-of-the-pack in the Pizza Run due to running inadequacies, of which I have many.  Share your dental problems in the comments!