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Graduation Party!

My final ice and my free "graduation" shirt from PT.

My final ice and my free “graduation” shirt from PT.

After only 15 weeks (since my injury) and 10.5 weeks of physical therapy, I’ve finally graduated from PT!  [heavy sarcasm on the “only”]  It doesn’t mean I’m fully recovered by any means – as you know from my last post, even simply walking 3 miles can still pose a big challenge, and I’ve only gone on two very short “runs” (aka a block or two at a time, with lots of walking in-between) since being allowed to run by my therapist.  I still swell up sometimes and it still hurts often, but it’s progress and I’ll take it.


I’ll continue to do the exercises at home as I have been, and I still have to ease into everything else — like running, which I’m barely doing; rowing class, which I haven’t tried yet; and standing up during spin class, which I tried for the first time today much to the relief of my derrière.


And what’s a graduation party without some music?  So here are 3 songs I heard during spin class today, all of which I enjoyed because I’m an Old they’re classics.


For finally standing up in spin class –


For the cute guy from PT – haha jk 😮


And the most appropriate one for this whole injury experience –


The real celebration will come when I’m able to do marathons again.  Oh gosh, I miss them so much!


Have you ever had to go to PT for an injury?  Do you think all graduation parties should have sheet cake?  Does all your pain go away while watching Bachelor in Paradise?  Share in the comments!

Praise Cheeses!

I'm thankful for cheese and running.

Appropriate shirt for my first run back, as I’m thankful for both cheese and running.

I went for a run tonight for the first time in 13 1/2 weeks!!!  My PT ok’d it as long as I took it really easy – like run a block, walk a block, and don’t do anything that hurts.  So I picked the flattest, easiest, emptiest path in Riverside Park and tried jogging a few steps.  In the beginning, my ankle felt quite stiff and started to hurt after only 30 steps or so (at which time I immediately stopped to walk), but after a while it warmed up a bit and I was able to jog a block or two without stopping.  My average pace for the two miles I walked completed was 15:15 per mile, which is slower than my non-injured walking pace, and it was so hot and humid it felt like swimming on land, but I was still thrilled to be out there!


I’m going to keep taking it really easy and I’m not going to try running every day, but this is a HUGE step for me (no pun intended).  I’m finally a runner again!


How are you dealing with the summer heat?  Do you still cook in this weather?  What’s your favorite cheese?  Share in the comments!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Where’s The Finish!

Me in my dreams.

Me in my dreams.

Whelp, I did not see that coming.  As you know, I sprained my ankle what feels like a million years ago (aka a little over 12 weeks) and I still can’t run.  So what do you write about if you can’t run but have a running blog?  Apparently a bunch of posts about spraining your ankle, and not much else.


A year ago I was just coming off EMT camp and loving life.  I’m happy to say that after that I mostly stuck to my goals, running lots of marathons (Twin Cities, PhiladelphiaRocket CityMississippi BluesLittle Rock, Garmin, and Delaware), qualifying for Marathon Maniacscross-training and getting in better and better shape – until The Injury.  I was also on a really good marathon schedule, running one every month or two – until The Injury.  Volunteering as an EMT at the NYC Marathon was great, and I got another volunteer EMT position in the city which was also wonderful – until The Injury.  So, state of the union-wise, the last 12 months weren’t totally terrible, just the last three – you know, since The Injury.

Artist's rendering of The Injury.

Artist’s rendering of The Injury.

Oddly enough, I’m more optimistic now about finishing the 50 states than I was two years ago.  Yes, I can’t run at all right now, and I still have no idea when my ankle will be well enough to do so, but after 24 states, my feelings towards covering 26.2 miles have changed a bit.  Maybe it’s because I allow myself to walk a lot (a lot) more than I used to, or maybe because I’m almost halfway to my goal, but I think it’s do-able and it’s still my main running goal.

Oh yes, I will.

Oh yes, I will.

It’s also kind of amazing to look back and realize how differently I feel in only two years (and I honestly don’t remember being injured that much, either, but apparently I was?).  All these changes happened so gradually I could’ve sworn I haven’t changed at all, and yet here there’s internet proof.  Now I’m Class Passing (aka cross-training) up a storm, I’m optimistic about 50 states, and I’m finally admitting that I have no immediate plans to esthetically improve this site, despite the fact that it is begging for it.


I also still might get my 9+1 NYRR races in this year (to qualify for the NYC Marathon in 2017), as my physical therapist is reluctantly allowing me to walk the social 5K this Thursday.  And yes, I’m still going to PT twice a week (and doing all the exercises at home every day), although since the cute guy isn’t at PT anymore I have to go solely for health reasons.  Booooring!


Finally, various other updates:  I walked 2.5 miles on Sunday without much problem, I’m still going to spin classes where I’m very much behind where I was 3 months ago but slowly improving, I started going to yoga again and can’t do child’s pose but my squats are improving in depth, and I’m going to Nashville this weekend for a bachelorette party.  Somehow those are all actually related, but I can’t explain how.


How have you changed as a runner over the last few years?  Are you watching Bachelor in Paradise?  Is it not the show we deserve, but the show we need?  Share in the comments!

Sunny exercise bike

First PT Session + New Bike

Sunny exercise bike

New bike, sad shoes.

I had my first Physical Therapy (PT) session for my foot today.  If you want to know what it’s like, just combine the tedium of small-motion, high rep exercises with the pain of tiny burning muscles and the resulting zero-calorie burn, and you have PT for your foot.  My therapist seems great and I hope the exercises (homework every day!) ultimately help, but on a fun scale of “Shopping at Target” to “Painful Trip to the Dentist,” PT lies below “Paying Dry Cleaners $50 to Wash a Winter Coat” but above “Visiting Time Warner to Return a Cable Box.”


I also got a new exercise bike!  I debated joining a gym but realized it was cheaper and easier to just get a low-end exercise bike that I would actually use instead of another membership I won’t.  I used to own an exercise bike and used it quite a bit, but haven’t had one for 7 years now.  Fortunately, it’s like riding a (stationary) bike!  But actually not really, because the bike is a different design (a “spin” style bike instead of a traditional exercise bike), and I feel very out-of-shape and awkward on it.  While I don’t enjoy biking, it’s still better than nothing, I guess, especially if it will help me get back into running more quickly.


Finally, I’m still waiting on that dang MRI.  I had to hassle the doctor’s office with repeated phone calls so they would finally put in the request to my insurance, which then called me with an authorization number and a link to the hospital, which then put me straight through to voicemail with a message saying they’d get back to me in 48 hours.  Since the holiday is coming up, I’m not hopeful I’ll get the MRI this week, which means I won’t be able to do the 4th of July 5K Fun Run with my family, which is pretty upsetting, but not as upsetting as my slow realization that I won’t be able to run Missoula in < 2 weeks.  Do I want to do both of those races?  Of course.  Do I think I could physically do both of those races?  Maybe.  Do I think attempting either of those races is a “good” idea?  No.  So, I won’t (unless I get that MRI early next week and the doctor says it’s ok for me to attempt Missoula, which is so highly unlikely as to be laughable).


I’m definitely in a running funk that I feel has lasted at least 1.5 years now.  It’s very disheartening, but I’m doing as much as I can to get healthy and start running again soon.  I’d like to think all of this will ultimately make me a better runner, but really it’s just making me out-of-shape and irritated.  And lethargic.  And jealous of able-bodied people.  Yep, all the nasty feelings come out when you’re sidelined.  I wish I could take out those feelings on a nice long run, but instead I’ll just be spinning my wheels here inside.


How do you deal with being injured?  Do you binge-watch The Walking Dead like I do?  What are your plans for the 4th?  Share in the comments!